37 Miracles of Jesus | Miracle 4: Jesus Heals Peters Mother In Law | Matthew 8.14-15 | Movementministriesblog.com

by | Apr 20, 2020

“When Jesus came into Peter’s house, he saw Peter’s mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever. 15 He touched her hand and the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on him.” Matthew 8.14-15

This is seems to be one of the shortest and least celebrated miracles in the Bible. There is no build up to this miracle or celebration afterward. Jesus is well into his public ministry, has been healing lots of people and doing miraclous deeds. He finds himself at his best friend Peter’s house.

This is a house on the Sea of Galilee at Capernaum. The ruins exist today below a modern Catholic Church. To read more about the house of Peter visit – https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-sites-places/biblical-archaeology-sites/the-house-of-peter-the-home-of-jesus-in-capernaum/ .

But what I want to focus on today is what I call Jesus’ “drive thru miracle“ – in the sense that it was so fast. The text literally tells us that when “Jesus came into Peter’s house, he saw Peter’s mother in law lying in bed with a fever.” This would not do! First century women, especially the older ones, were remarkable and gracious hosts. How would she find honor in taking care of her son and law, Peter, his Lord Jesus, and the disciples if she was on her bed sick? Besides, fevers were contagious as they are today.

So, imagine all this going through Jesus’ head — he sees her, realizes that not only do they need hospitality but she needs to serve for her benefit, “he touched her hand and the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on him.”

Remarkable. Jesus didn’t heal her so he might just have a solid dinner! He healed because he himself is gracious, thoughtful and has the ability to rid us from our sickness and restore us to health — mind, body and soul.

This fourth miracle of Jesus is such a beautiful one. It shows a God of compassion caring for a friends mother in law, and helping her honor her family by serving the Messiah.

What do we require of the Lord today? Do we need healing? Restoration? Hope? Do we need to find ourselves touched by Jesus in the deepest recesses of our souls? Do we need God to dwell within us so we might find salvation, mercy and purpose today?

Lean upon Jesus. Tune in to his Word. Trust his Spirit. Allow the man from Nazareth who healed the woman from Capernaum to restore your life today.

“O Lord God, thank you for loving us. Thank you for your power to heal and to bring dignity to those who seek it. Come now, Holy Spirit, speak words of encouragement to us during this time in our nation and world for global pandemics, violence and strife. Be the God who calms our storms and casts our cares far away. For you are good and your love endures forever.” Amen