Important Adult + Staff Requirements + LEAD TEAM

    1. Ministry Safe Certified: All adults who participate in Revive activities must be Ministry Safe certified (or the equivalent) and bring proof of certification. Adults must be above reproach, and be a growing disciple of Jesus Christ without question. Link to Ministry Safe here. (Each conference or church must require their own adult youth safety training. Revive accepts any training approved by your Methodist Church conference or denomination or if non-Methodist, as approved by the State of Texas for overnight camps with children and youth.)
    2. Revive reserves the right to refuse admission to any adult who does not meet these requirements.
    3. Payment and Registration: All adults must pay full price of the event and complete an online registration.
    4. Sponsor Ratio: Church Groups must bring adults to help with supervision, rooming, and small groups. Requirements include 1 to 5 adult to child when at Children’s camp (grades 3rd thru 6th) and 1 to 8 adult to youth when at Youth camp (grades 6th thru 12th). Churches should strive to represent both genders in sponsor representation and supervision of campers. (Revive Camps are “group” camps.) Individual campers will be paired with a church group and are the exception.
    5. Lead Team includes “called” high school students who have applied and been accepted to serve at the children’s and youth camps ALONGSIDE adult sponsors. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to serve in ministry! If you are interested in serving on Lead Team please follow this link. Space is limited and applying for this student leadership team doesn’t automatically guarantee acceptance. Students must be ages 16 to 21, be a mature follower of Jesus. Lead Team pays half of the regular camp registration fee.

Thanks for your interest in serving at Revive events!


For more information please contact us below

Revive Youth Camp Questions to Katrina via email – [email protected]

Revive Children’s Camp Questions to Miranda Rogers via email – [email protected] 

All Revive Questions Call Rev. Dr. Rusty Freeman 830-220-4696 or [email protected]