Revive and One Child

Revive Ministries is excited to announce a new missions partnership with One Child Zimbabwe, an organization dedicated to sponsoring children in Zimbabwe. At Revive, we believe in the power of faith, compassion, and community to make a positive impact on the lives of others. One Child’s mission deeply resonates with our values, as they advocate for children in hard places, providing holistic care to ensure they have hope and thrive. One Child envisions a world where every child in poverty has a champion—someone who loves them, supports them through adversity, and empowers them to overcome challenges. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to uplifting and empowering vulnerable children, fostering hope, faith, and a brighter future. Together, with One Child, we aspire to contribute to the renewal of local communities and the global eradication of poverty. Join us on this journey of making a lasting impact—one child at a time.













Consider Partnering with One Child

Empower a child’s future by sponsoring through One Child, providing essential support for education, healthcare, and spiritual guidance. Your commitment as a sponsor not only encourages individual growth but also uplifts entire communities. Be a champion in a child’s life—sponsor with One Child today.