Preparing for Christmas | Slowness | Psalm 46.10, Mark 1.35 |

by | Dec 16, 2019

I wish you a Very Merry and “Slow” Christmas!

This year, like all other Christmas seasons, I am feeling rushed. As I wrote this article for my Faith Academy Family, I was two weeks remaining until Christmas. And now, I am but a week away. I haven’t even started my shopping. I have lights on the house and Lane put the tree up, but besides that, I am way behind!

Can you relate? We have Christmas parties at school, in our homes and in our churches. We are inundated with TV commercials about Christmas, but it seems like little to do with Jesus and more to do with shopping, giving and getting.

This season I want to try something new. I have been learning about a spiritual discipline called “slowing.” (Now a spiritual discipline is a practice of the faith that draws of closer to Jesus and one in which he practiced.) From what I understand, Jesus practiced “slowing.” He intentionally slowed down his mind and body so that he might be attentive to his Father and people around him (Read Mark 1.35). He didn’t rush, he sat by a well, he walked along the road to Emmaus, he even rested under a fig tree in order to hear from God and meet with others.

I believe this spiritual discipline is exactly what we need to draw us closer into the Lord’s presence this Christmas season. We are to “Be still and know that he is God,” Psalm 46.10. If we can intentionally slow our pace, our bodies, our minds, then our souls will follow. If we can drive our cars a little slower, put our phones down a little quicker, carve out time in our day to spend with Jesus a little sooner then we will begin to practice this ancient but modern faith-practice that pulls us into his presence.

I confess…this will not be easy! I like to run, move fast, be efficient and not delay on what I think is important. But I promise to try if you will. I will physically slow my pace so that my mind might be engaged upon the coming of the Christ this Christmas.

This is how I will prepare for his arrival — Will you?

“O Lord Jesus, I thank you for all our churches and your faithful followers. I thank you for their successes, achievements and their slowness in “being still and knowing that you are God!”. I pray that this Christmas we might be attentive to your Presence, rest in your arms, and rely upon a God who wants nothing more than our hearts. Come now, Holy Spirit, and help us run (or walk) toward you. For you are good and your love endures forever.” Amen and Merry Christmas!